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How Can Lifestyle Changes Help With ED? Male Enhancement Doctors Share Facts

Male enhancement doctors are consistently finding new ways to develop strategies that can help ED patients. 

Evidence suggests that changing diet can help ED patients with such poor vascular connection issues. As most of the ED problems are usually due to not having a good blood supply to the penis. 

But, how to deal with such a condition?

Should you go for conventional medications? 


Are there any magic bullets with key nutrients to help save millions of ED patients?

Science says, “There is definitely one”.

No, it’s not green leafy vegetables. 

No, not even any dairy product.

Then what is it?

Surprisingly, consuming even a handful of pistachios (nuts) on a daily basis can benefit sexual function. 

Really? Nuts?

Wow. Who could have thought about them?

But, is it even true?

Finding The Evidence To Prove This Food Theory

Studies indicate that diets improve endothelial functions. These are responsible for forming a right balance between contraction and dilation. 

And experts say that the Mediterranean diet or other diets share features that might be the key to unlock the ED problems. 


Do pistachios have any role in maintaining this balance?

There is no doubt that a lot of lifestyle risk factors affect sexual functions. Even male enhancement doctors confirm that certain lifestyle patterns affect sexual functioning. 

And, usually, these include a sedentary lifestyle, excessive alcohol or smoking. 

But, nothing affects more than indulging in wrong diet practices. 


This study included approximately 83 males aged between 18-35 years with ED. It was a 14-week trial where the researchers allocated patients to the following diet patterns-

  • Usual Western-style diet enriched with 60 g/day nuts mixture
  • Western diet without any nuts mixture

Including nuts definitely improved orgasmic functions and sexual desire.


How are nuts able to make such improvements?

One reason for such incredible action is that nuts are rich in L-arginine. This particular ingredient is the precursor of nitric oxide (NO) that has vasodilation properties.

Hence, improved chances of blood flow to the penis. 

Another thing that makes nuts, the magic bullets, is that they contain essential fatty acids. And these are responsible for the production of testosterone or its precursors. 

That further helps to manage the duration and quality of erections. 

Interestingly, this study confirmed that consuming around 60- 100 grams of pistachios daily for 3 weeks can help. 

About Nuts

These are nutrient-dense foods with a special nutrient composition such as 

  • Unsaturated fatty acids, 
  • Vitamins like folic acid, tocopherols, B6, niacin 
  • A high concentration of vegetable proteins
  • Minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium
  • Dietary fibers such as phytosterols and phenolic compounds

In addition to all this, nuts are also rich in arginine. Thus, effective in improving erectile dysfunction significantly. 

Also, atherogenesis and erectile dysfunction share common metabolic pathways. So, nuts are helpful in managing cardiovascular health as well. 

Doctors say that cardiovascular health is also linked to sexual health indirectly. 


The fluctuating levels of NO or nitric oxide might not directly influence sexual function or desire. 

But, there are other factors such as antioxidants, folic aid or other plant sterols that have positive effects. 

Plus, their role in reducing inflammation is another way of reducing or minimizing the effects of ED. 


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